Old Faithful - Observation Point
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 1 mile or 1.4 miles
  • Travel Time: 2 hours round trip
  • Elevation: 160' gain
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Trail Pictures

Observation Point offers great views of the Upper Gyser basin including Old Faithful and the Old Faithful Inn. 

To get to the trail walk counter clockwise around the Old Faithful boardwalk and follow the signs to Gyser Hill.  The trail is on the right just after you cross the Firehole River bridge about .3 miles from the visitors center.  Follow the switchbacks .5 miles up the hill to Observation point.  The switchbacks can be a little steep, but the view is worth the effort.

You can either head back down the way you came or continue on a loop to the Solitary Gyser.

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